Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Search and Grab it...:)

Last few days, I’m quite busy with my next mission~
 Not a mission impossible.. 
but a mission to find a suitable shredder for my next project ~ community service for blood bank HUSM :)
I'm really excited to work on this project, because at the same time I can contribute to our community...

Search and Grab it... :)
But until now I'm still not find a suitable paper shredder..
Anybody can help me..
I’m looking for heavy duty paper shredder with the
“ spec: shred size 3 mm + Strip Cut”

My sifu said, the more U contributes...the more happiness will be yours... :)

gambar hiasan semata-mata..hihi kalau ade factory br sesuai ngn this machine..



Sapa komen saya komen la balik :)