Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Birthday Cards with Red and Black Theme Color

Hi…Morning everyone..

I want to share my next birthday cards...created by me again..
hihi this red and black color cards is ordered by
Nurul Akhmar
for her husband.

Enjoy viewing this  red + black elegant card:

~Quilling Luv~

 Flower inside t' card

 Behind t' card
 Blank cards

 wif picture in front of cards



Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gift Time!!!

Hi again..
To all my follower..Thanks a lot coz being my loyalty follower..cewahh..
Hihi as per promise last time,
 I already selected one follower to receive my free gift.

The selected follower is
Below is my free gift to belogcaye, my handmade felt hp strap: It just a simple gift..but i really like it coz..i made it by myself :D

To others, i will be choosing another blog to be my next selected follower from time to time..
Hope next time will be your turn..
Have a nice day


Cards Birthday

Salam, morning everyone..
Hihi lamanya x update my blog..

Hehe today i would like to share my new design on birthday cards with theme color:
creme +black
This cards requested by my friend on his father's birthday :)



Monday, July 11, 2011

Anniversary Cards ~ Theme Pink & Purple

Hi..morning everyone..
Hihi sorry quite busy a few day back..need to work on my research proposal..

Here i want to share this Anniversary Cards ordered by
Mr Wan Muhammad Ariff 

Sweet in PINK and  PURPLE  color..
Hope this cards safely received by Mr AriFF yea...
Enjoy viewing my latest cards design..
Hv a nice day to all Creative's Wardah visitor..

Front & Back View

View Inside  the Card

Luv the purple love

The cards~

Dun forget to drop ur comments here :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

HandPhone case wif Orange Android

 Hi everyone !
Hehe it's seems that a long time this blog do not hv any update...
Actually i'm quite busy creating my personal blog..hihi and to whom want to know me deeper u can go to About Me tab, and from there u can click on my personal link ...

And for now, i would like to share my first felt work speacial made for my beloved hubby..
Here i come wif Android handphone case..together with orange android..not a green one okey..Hihi :p
Enjoy viewing the handphone case..

Wif orange ribbon inside~ pull up the ribbon to take out the handphone...