Saturday, April 30, 2011

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Wardah's Handmade Wedding Invitation Cards

Hi, it’s seemed that a long time I do not post any new update on my handmade cards blog.

Currently I’m quite bz working on the order for wedding invitations cards. More than two hundred cards need to be done by my hand.. :D I tried to make up the most beautiful English style wedding invitations cards for my colleague.

In progress workout on this wedding invitation cards:~

 snapshots on my project

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sample's of Bookmark Design

Available for orders!

Available for orders!

Interested? If So, KindlY Drop an Email @ sms Me for details.. TQ :)

Kindly drop ur order to give a special wish for your mom’s with a creative’s handmade card design by Creative’s Wardah!

Now, I am opening orders for Mother's Day Card.

 Mother's DaY cARD ORDER !
and other greeting cards @ wedding cards @ bookmarks@ box decorations@ artwork too..

kindly email me at @ sms me at 012-3962880 to order. TQ :)

April's Collection of Handmade Cards

My Greeting Cards to be viewing... :)
~Sample of Mother's Day Cards~

April's Collection of Handmade Cards

My second Greeting Cards to be viewing... :)
~Sample Greeting Cards for someone special~