Monday, July 4, 2011

HandPhone case wif Orange Android

 Hi everyone !
Hehe it's seems that a long time this blog do not hv any update...
Actually i'm quite busy creating my personal blog..hihi and to whom want to know me deeper u can go to About Me tab, and from there u can click on my personal link ...

And for now, i would like to share my first felt work speacial made for my beloved hubby..
Here i come wif Android handphone case..together with orange android..not a green one okey..Hihi :p
Enjoy viewing the handphone case..

Wif orange ribbon inside~ pull up the ribbon to take out the handphone...



  1. Hi sooooour n Siti Arfah..
    tima kasih sudi tgk2 hasil kije saya..hihi insyaAllah akan improve lg on felt..
    Thanks again for dropping ur comments..hv a nice day

  2. eina= Most welcome. Hv a nice day too. ;). Comel2 blaka .


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