Monday, January 30, 2012

I'm back to business!


Tadaaa, i'm back to business :)

Start from now, i have decided that this year, i am going to maintain taking custom made order for any occasion quilling craft with a different design of ~ bookmarks, cards, handmade book & also questbook @etc.

Thus, kindly pm me for any inquiry about quiling...looking forward to serve the best for your special occasions!
Best Regard,
Creative's Wardah

Note: Alhamdulillah, just want to share with all of u that~ i'm already completed my master degree :)


  1. Welcome back and Congrats, Eina! :)

  2. TQ Omien..hehe :)
    Da berhaabuk blog aku..lama br ade smgt nk mula blk kije2 dulu :)


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